So You Want to be a Beekeeper?

beekeepingDid you ever wonder what it would be like to keep bees?

What of the idea of being able to harvest honey right in your own backyard or neighborhood garden.

Or what about doing the right thing and helping to pollinate fruit and vegetable plants which provide food for your city

If you’ve ever had that desire to become a beekeeper but are not sure of the commitment and cost, this evening class is for you. The cost of beekeeping equipment, hives, and bees can be hundreds of dollars without a guarantee of a return on your investment. Our So You Want to be a Beekeeper” class covers the basics of beekeeping and hopes to answer many of your questions.  This class will help you determine if your investment of time and money is worth the perceived outcomes.

The “So You Want to be a Beekeeper” class will be held Tuesday November 15, 2016 at the University of Wisconsin Extension Office, 9501 West Watertown Plank Road, Building A. The class will meet at 6:30 PM and please allow at least two hours for our discussion. The cost is $20.00. We will have some previous class members and experienced beekeepers on hand to discuss all things bees. There will be honey related snacks and surprises. This will not be a class on the maintaining of bees and apiaries but one on the expectations, problems, and joys of beekeeping.

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