Youth and Adult Leadership Training

Youth/Adult Leadership Training: How about getting your youth group involved in a leadership training program? The Youth Development program offers middle and high school youth an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills participating in a program concept called Step Up to Leadership. Are you ready to Step Up to Leadership? This project will bring out the best in your students and help adults learn about what it takes to be a really good leader. Developing a positive self image in a practical way is reported as an ideal way for people to become effective leaders. There are three core qualities to being a good leader: authenticity, self-expression and value clarification. The Youth Leadership programs teaches youth and adults life skills, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, conflict management and problem solving. The leadership program will provide youth and youth groups with practical leadership processes. For more information on starting a training project with your youth, contact Demetrius Brown Sr. at 414-256-4620 or

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