Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage allows adolescents to journey throught a transition process of self-consciousness to self-discovery. It marks a time when a young person reaches a significant change in his or her life. Rites help young people to understand their new roles in society and better prepare them for the future. As one learns self-discovery, then one’s able to lead a fulfilled and enriched life.

The Passage from middle to high school, a transitional guide for eighth grade students and their families, is a more intentional way to honor this very important passage in a young person’s life. Participants will be engaged in an in-depth process of self-examination as they begin the tranistion from middle to high school as Freshmen Students. For more information, contact: Demetrius Brown, Sr. at (414) 256-4620 OR demetrius.brown@ces.uwex.edu¬†OR complete the attachment and return to the address listed.

Download the Middle School Rite of Passage brochure.

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