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The University of Wisconsin Extension (UWEX)  in Milwaukee County has long remained a core source Kohl Farm aerial websitefor education, land access, and technical resources pertaining to urban agriculture. The  first UWEX community garden dates back to 1972 at the historic “Milwaukee County Grounds”, just northeast of the zoo interchange.

Today UWEX provides (10) community gardens throughout the County, serving over 500 families (45% of minority backgrounds) on 75 acres of land.  Embracing the vast diversity and culture shared amongst gardeners, we commit to building sustainable centers for urban agriculture throughout Milwaukee County. 

Urban Agriculture News

Program Areas 

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Rent a Garden

2014 is the 42nd year that Extension has rented gardens in Milwaukee County. For urban residents who do not have a place to garden, the garden plot rental program provides an opportunity to grow nutritious food, save grocery money, enjoy some exercise and share family traditions. To learn more about renting a garden, visit the Garden Rental web site or contact the garden rental assistant at 414-256-4606 or garden.rentals@ces.uwex.edu.

This is our 2016 Garden Plot Price List.  Go here for a copy of the Garden Request Form.

2016 Garden Price list_Page_12016 Garden Price list_Page_2

MicroFarming WorkshopMicroFarming Program

The MicroFarming Program researches the economic viability and social capital of urban agriculture while empowering small-scale farmers in the region. We do so by facilitating land access and providing technical and educational resources for selling local food. Participants – or “micro-farmers” – learn sustainable methods to increase their food production while cultivating buyer relationships with partnered Milwaukee restaurants, markets, and food co-ops.  To learn more, visit the MicroFarm webpage or contact Ryan Schone  414-256-4653 or ryan.schone@ces.uwex.edu.

2014 Milwaukee MicroFarmers – profile and resources webpage

honey bee on aster flowerCertified Beekeeping & the Urban Apiculture Institute

Milwaukee County UW-Extension & the Urban Apiculture Institute have started Wisconsin’s first Certified Beekeeper program. In 2008, we secured a permit for an apiary at the community gardens in Wauwatosa and conducted our first beekeeping class. To learn more, contact Linda Reynolds, 414-256-4652, or visit the Urban Apiculture Institute web page.

caregiver and child working on a projectAccessible Gardening

Since 1995, Extension Urban Agriculture staff have been teaching gardeners with physical and developmental limitations the joy and techniques of gardening. We train clients and caregivers at our innovative accessible demonstration garden and adjacent greenhouse. For more information about accessible gardening or to arrange a tour, contact Dennis Lukaszewski at 414-256-4650 or dennis.lukaszewski@ces.uwex.edu.

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Project FEEDs

FEEDs, Food, Ecosystem, and Educational Demonstration sites, is working to make the community gardening movement stronger by building connections among gardeners. Extension staff conduct workshops to help people create and sustain community gardens. We enhance communication among gardeners through a website and email list-serve. To learn more, visit the FEEDs web site or contact Ryan Schone   414-256-4653 or ryan.schone@ces.uwex.edu.

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