So You Want to be a Beekeeper?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to keep bees? What of the idea of being able to harvest honey right in your own backyard or neighborhood garden. Or what about doing the right thing and helping to pollinate fruit and vegetable plants which provide food for your city If you’ve ever had […]


Helpful Resources for Beekeepers

“Helpful Resources for Beekeepers” is a compiled list of pertinent, reliable, and current information sources.  This is a document that is flexible and will change annually with new developing information to aid Beekeepers in Southeastern Wisconsin.  In it you can find information on resources, beekeeping associations, local beekeeping supplies, books, and more.  Click here to […]

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Urban Bee Keeping Information

  Are you an beekeeper or know of someone who is interested in bee keeping?  Discover some of the unique places where bees thrive!  The Wisconsin Public Television website has a very informative video of a 2006 interview with Harris Byers from the Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension. Harris discusses bee habitats, the lack of pollinators in the area, […]