Community Development

Summary of Milwaukee County CNRED Partnerships & Programs, 2013-2016

Community Development Through Leadership and Organizational Development 

CNRED Educators apply UW-system and evidence-based research/practice by facilitating, convening, training, and teaching; all in partnership with local community residents/stakeholders, local governments, & organizational leaders.

This includes:

  • Facilitating collaboration
    • Convening and facilitating groups of citizens, business, government, and private sector representatives to meet shared goals for community, natural resources, and economic development 
    • Connecting local government/public officials and their staff to community programs, neighborhood associations through resident training/employment to use data and develop leadership skills
  • Educational programs 
    • Strategic Planning, including:
      • Mission, vision, values assessment & development, SWOT/Strategic Doing
      • Logic model training
      • Board & organizational assessment/development 
    • Community outreach and engagement 
      • Collective impact processes
      • Creating & sustaining mutually beneficial community-institutional partnerships
      • Leadership succession planning/capacity building with adults and youth
      • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
        • Bringing together partners with different ways of thinking and backgrounds for common goals
    • Access to, application/use of information technologies for individual and group reflection, “community documentation”/marketing/program evaluation 
      • Creating community dialogues including social media and digital media
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