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Mission Statement:

To promote thriving families and communities in Milwaukee County through research-based education.

Who we are…

Milwaukee County UW Cooperative Extension Family Living Programs support our communities’ families through a variety of educational programs and technical assistance offered to family support workers. Our staff engages staff members of family-serving agencies, including: home visitors, supervisors, case managers, early childhood educators, health care professionals and others that work with families on a daily basis. We provide interactive, research-based professional development workshops that enhance skills and promote best-practice approaches. We also support family serving organizations through coaching and consultive services. Another important role we each have is to work in partnership with community agencies and businesses to build capacity around issues affecting families, through active membership on local and state coalition/initiatives. For a list of our upcoming trainings and workshops, please visit our Upcoming Trainings page.

Program Services and Resources:

Home Visitation programs promote parent and child interaction, healthy child development, and positive parenting skills and decrease child abuse and neglect among low income families. 

Poverty Awareness for Community Engagement (PACE)
Milwaukee County UW-Extension offers custom-designed training for professionals who work with people living in poverty. This training provides key lessons for understanding social class, gender, white privilege, oppression, and racism. PACE also includes poverty simulations. The simulation expereince is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month.


Wisconsin Nutrpexels-photo-large meal1ition Education Program (WNEP)
The Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program offered through the Milwaukee County UW-Extension provides nutrition education and promotes healthy lifestyles for low income and marginalized individuals and families.  Lessons and programs are available for youth, adults, parents, caregivers, and seniors in partnership with community organizations across the county.

children and balloonsEarly Childhood Development (ECD)
Early childhood (0-8 years of age) is a time of amazing cognitive, physical, language, social, and emotional developing!  Watching a child develop new skills in these areas is a source of wonder, and sometimes frustration, for parents and caregivers.  Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life.  It is also the most critical  for overall development throughout the lifespan.


dev screen trainingDevelopmental Screening
Developmental screening offers parents and providers with information that a child is developing typically for her/his age.




dad holding handHome Visitation
The goal of these Home Visitation programs is to promote parent and child interaction, healthy child development, positive parenting skills, and decrease child abuse and neglect amongst low-income families.



toolkitResource Toolkit for Early Childhood Professionals
Here you will find a variety of topics which you can explore. Our goal is provide current research and resources to support you in your role of supporting infants, toddlers, young children and their families and caregivers.


mom dad babyResources for Parents/Caregivers
Here you will find a variety of topics which you can explore.  We hope to provide you with important information regarding parenthood and your child.


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