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Important News: Home Visitation Training and Technical Assistance Transitions in 2014

The Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership now provides the professional development workshops for home visitors. Staci Sontoski is the Home Visiting Professional Development Manager with the Partnership. To learn more about this new Partnership program, with a familiar manager, visit https://www4.uwm.edu/mcwp/programs/


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Home visitation is defined as a program that includes the visitation of parents and children in their home by trained personnel (such as nurses, social workers, and family support workers) who convey information, support and resources. In early childhood programs, visits are generally initiated during pregnancy, or soon after birth, and can continue through the critical first years of a child’s life. The goal of these Home Visitation programs is to promote parent and child interaction, healthy child development, positive parenting skills, and decrease child abuse and neglect amongst low-income families.

Home Visitor Training

Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension provides low-cost, comprehensive training for numerous health, social service, and community-based family and youth serving organizations year round. Training is made available to the Empowering Families of Milwaukee and other Milwaukee County home visitation programs. To learn about our training opportunities for professionals, please visit the Home Visitation Upcoming Trainings page.


UW-Extension trains over 200 Home Visitors and approximately 16 Home Visitation Supervisors per year through a program funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The newly acquired skills gained by one Home Visitor reaches over 90 diverse low-income families per year. Over 80 organizations have been represented at our training sessions over the last 2 years.

Besides early childhood home visitation programs, Milwaukee County also benefits from the services of other home visitation programs. These include:

  • Birth-to-three
  • Fatherhood Support
    Prenatal Care
  • School Readiness
  • Supervised Visitation
  • Teen Parent Support

ToolkitTo view available resources please visit the  Resource Toolkit for Early Childhood Professionals, Resources for Parents/Caregivers, as well as DCF’s Home Visiting website .

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