Searching the Internet for Reliable Information

To find other sources of accurate, university research-based, unbiased, up-to-date information —

  1. Using the browser of your choice, enter your keyword or phrase followed by a space and the words (site colon dot edu).  The search results will be only from educational sites that provide only university research-based information.  This eliminates the clutter of commercial sites that may not be accurate.
  2. Select Wisconsin sites if available (uwex or
  3. Or select sites from other states with climates similar to Wisconsin, such as:
    • Michigan State University (msu)
    • University of Minnesota (umn)
    • Cornell University (cornell)
    • Pennsylvania State University (psu)
    • Iowa State University (iastate)
    • University of Illinois (illinois)
    • Purdue University (purdue)
    • Ohio State University (osu)
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