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Where are the 4-H Clubs in Milwaukee County?

To find a club for you please consult this map and the lists to find a club for you. These lists can change during the year.

How do I join the 4-H Community Club program?

Joining 4-H couldn’t be any easier!

Youth Members

4-H Clubs are open to all youth from Kindergarten through one year following high school graduation  as well as to adults volunteers. 4-H is for boys and girls. It is open to youth regardless of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, handicap or place of residence.  In 4-H you have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, travel across the country, develop life skills, and have fun all at the same time.  For more information on 4-H, clubs, and projects please see our 4-H Youth Development 2015-2016 Enrollment Guide in PDF or our Family Brochure — Milwaukee County 4-H Program Brochure.

Go here for information on the new Youth membership enrollment process.

Adult Members

Clubs are also seeking more support from adult volunteers to provide position experiences for youth to grow and develop.   Adult volunteers in the community provide leadership to the youth involved.   If you are an adult, consider becoming a Leader.  4-H Leaders provide guidance in many ways. You can head up a specific subject area or lead a community club. Activities can take place in school, out of school, or after school with flexible hours that fit your schedule There are eight types of adult leaders. They are:

  1. General/Organizational Leader – They are in charge of leading the club.
  2. Club Enrollment Coordinator – They take care of the club’s enrollment. .
  3. Project Leader –They Head up teaching subject areas (projects) in the club.
  4. Activity Leader – They are In charge of organizing club activities.
  5. Resource Leader – They answer questions on a club level.
  6. Key Leader – They answers questions on a countywide level.
  7. County Committee – They serve on a county committee.
  8. Adult Adviser – They serve on the club’s parent advisory committee.

View the 4-H Volunteer Description.

Go here for more information on becoming an Adult Leader in 4-H.



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