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Staff Directory

Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension
9501 West Watertown Plank Road, Building A
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-3552
Phone: 414-256-4600
Fax: 414-256-4646
711 for Wisconsin Relay

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm

Name Title Phone Email
Eloisa Gómez Director 414-256-4640
Vacant Executive Assistant 414-256-4641
Kathy Bosetti-Reese Financial Assistant 414-256-4659
Jason Bratkowski Receptionist/Office Operations Associate 414-256-4600
Marlene Jaglinski Receptionist 414-256-4600
Marvin Dahm Information Systems – Network Support Technician 414-256-4677
Community Natural Resources & Economic Development
Angela Allen, PhD Community Resource Development Faculty 414-256-4630
Gail Epping Overholt Watershed Education 414-256-4632
Andy Yencha Watershed Education 414-256-4631
Kwin Larson Program Assistant 414-256-4633
Family Living
Cynthia Muhar Family Living Faculty 414-256-4670
Vacant Family Support Professional Development 414-256-4671
Kathleen O’Hara Program Assistant 414-256-4674
Sharon Morrisey Consumer Horticulture Agent 414-256-4660
Dennis Lukaszewski Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator/Community Gardens Director 414-256-4650
Jan Alba Garden Rental Coordinator 414-256-4651
Nancy Lehrer Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator 414-256-4661
Ryan Schone Microfarms and Local Foods Coordinator  414-256-4653
Suzy Orth Horticulture Help Line Assistant 414-256-4664
Linda Reynolds Urban Gardens Assistant 414-256-4652
Sandy Her Urban Gardens Rental Assistant 414-256-4606
Gertrud Zoeller Urban Gardens Rental Assistant 414-256-4655
Nature in the Parks
Debra McRae Wehr Nature Center Director 414-425-8550
Pat Fojut Assistant Director Nature in the Parks 414-425-8550
Mary Gaub Environmental Educator 414-425-8550
Brian Russart Natural Areas Coordinator 414-257-6521
Mark Verhagen Natural Areas Resource Manager 414-425-8550
Carol Howard Program Assistant 414-425-8550
Nutrition Education
Vacant Nutrition Education Administrator 414-256-4680
Vacant Nutrition Education Teaching Coordinator 414-256-4682
Kathryn Cieszki Nutrition Educator 414-256-4684
Vacant Nutrition Educator 414-256-4686
Juanita Jara Nutrition Educator 414-256-4687
Vacant Nutrition Educator 414-256-4688
Sharon Roberts Nutrition Educator 414-256-4689
4-H Youth Development
Demetrius Brown 4-H Youth Development Faculty 414-256-4620
Michelle Gonzalez 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator
Interim 4-H Techwizards Mentor Coordinator
Mary Thiry 4-H STEM Coordinator
Professor Emeritus
Dominique Cherry 4-H AmeriCorp VISTA 414-256-4629
Chunou Xiong 4-H Techwizards Mentor Coordinator  414-256-4625
Linda Kramer Operations Office Associate 414-256-4628
 Eva Terry 4-H SySTEMatics Coordinator  414-256-4627



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