Milwaukee County – WI Nutrition Education Program Teaches 4-C’s Childcare Workers

The UW Extension’s Education Nutrition Program (WNEP) in Milwaukee County is collaborating with 4-C for Children. The nonprofit agency provides training for existing and new child care providers and is recognized as a leader in the field of early education. WNEP offers nutrition training to local child care providers who receive 8 hours of Continuing Education credits after completing an 8-week program.

UW Extension educators with their graduating class

UW Extension educators with their graduating class

These child care providers completed Eating Smart, Being Active on February 24th. We are so proud of their participation. At graduation, the participants were asked to complete Extension’s “Value Card” to share what they learned and what the training meant to them. We wanted to share their feedback on how important and valuable Nutrition Education Programing is to our community.

“[The training] helped me understand the value of nutrition, and how to cook and eat better…, and how to prepare healthy meals for my daycare and my loved ones.” – Kim

“I learned how to eat healthier and not over spend when grocery shopping…[and] the importance of not eating too much salt and processed meats.” – Xcynthia

“I now check the ingredients for less salt, fat, and sugar” – Willie

“I can mix almost any kind of food together to make a healthy meal, especially when I read the food labels and look for lower salt and fat.” – Pamela

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