Office Map & Directions

We are excited to announce that the Milwaukee County University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension office has moved to a new location! As of June 18 our new office is at:

Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension

6737 W. Washington St, Ste 2202
West Allis, WI 53214
Phone: 414-615-0550
Fax: 414-302-3709
711 for Wisconsin Relay

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm

How do I find your suite inside the building?

Where should I park?

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Where to Park:

  • For visits under two hours: Please use the Visitor’s Parking lot to the east of the front door (Lot E on the parking map below). Please note that the visitor parking lot is closely monitored. Visitors who park longer than two hours will receive one warning before being issued a $50 parking ticket from the City of West Allis. Our staff is very understanding, please let us know if you need to step out to move your car after you arrive.
  • For visits longer than two hours: Visitors can use other surface parking areas east of the parking structure (Lots L, M, or R on the parking map below). The parking structure is restricted to building employees. Do not park in the large, mostly empty parking lot between Summit Place and 70th. This is a private parking lot not connected with Summit Place. If you park there you will get ticketed.
  • Handicapped Parking Options: The Visitor’s Parking Lot has several designated handicapped parking spots available. If those spots are taken, visitors with a valid handicapped parking sticker, placard, or plate may park anywhere in the Visitor’s Parking lot (Lot E on the parking Map) with no time limit.

Free visitor parking is available in Lot E. You may also park in sections O, M, L, and R. Click to see a full size image.

Finding our Suite: 

When you enter the building, look for Elevator A.  It is on the west side of the main atrium.  Do not take the escalator because it only goes to the 3rd floor.

Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor.  Turn right out of the elevator.  Continue down the hallway until you get to a glass front office with “Impact” logo.  Turn right and follow the hallway until you get to the “EXIT” sign hanging from the ceiling.  Turn left at that hallway.  The UWEX office is the first office on your right, suite number 2202.

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