Beginning Farmer Resources

Farm Hack: A Community for Farm Innovation

The site Farm Hack seeks to encourage farmers to “learn, innovate and collaborate better,” by providing an online forum and blog as well through events that bring farmers together. The organization is focused on farm innovation and facilitating the sharing of ideas between farmers, especially geared toward new farmers.


The Greenhorns’ Guide for Beginning Farmers

The Greenhorn’s Guide is a unique resource for young, beginning farmers. The goal of the publication is to help young people make the transition into a career of farming. It is a clearly organized compilation of references about farming, providing information about anything from where to find an apprenticeship to how to preserve food and how to repair a tractor. One important aspect of the guide is that it seeks to forge a connection between young farmers and older farmers who are more experienced and can act as mentors.


USDA’s Website for New Farmers

The USDA has unveiled the New Farmers website, including in-depth information for new farmers and ranchers on how to increase access to land and capital, build new market opportunities, participate in conservation opportunities, select and use risk management tools, and access USDA education and technical-support programs. The website also features case studies about beginning farmers who have successfully utilized USDA resources to start or expand their business operations.


Farm Financing Webinar: Organizing and Finding Your Numbers

This ATTRA (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service) webinar is aimed at helping beginning farmers become familiar with basic accounting techniques and organizational strategies. Topics include: understanding financial statements, assessing profitability and financial viability, record keeping, and more. To view the video and other ATTRA webinars visit:


New Farmer Webinars

The University of Vermont’s New Farmer Project is holding a series of monthly webinars which are based on suggestions from beginning farmers like you. Each webinar combines a presentation from an expert with lots of opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenter and other participants. They are free and are held on the second Thursday of the month from 7 to 8pm.  Additionally, the webinars are recorded and posted on the website, so you can also view it later when it’s convenient for you. To participate in this series all you need is an internet connection and a computer you can hear sound through.  The type of computer or operating system you use doesn’t matter.  A broadband connection to the internet is helpful but not required. Just click on the webinar title to join to the session. It’s good idea to visit the webinar site a few days before the scheduled session to make sure you have the appropriate software and web connection. Then, just click the link to the webinar’s virtual room about 15 minutes before the start time.

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