Poverty Awareness for Community Engagement (PACE)

What is PACE?

This custom-designed professional development training provides key lessons regarding poverty and classism in our culture. It addresses:Children in Poverty

  • increasing awareness of different class cultures in the US
  • how poverty is defined
  • how economic class affects behaviors and mindsets
  • the challenges faced by those living in poverty
  • personal reflections of attitudes regarding poverty

Who should attend?

This training is relevant to all professionals who work with people living in poverty, including:

  • community-based organizations
  • social service agencieswelfare to work programs
  • faith-based organizations
  • health care systems
  • criminal justice system
  • educational systems
  • law enforcement agencies
  • government agencies
  • business organizations

What does the Curriculum include?

To learn more about the PACE training or pieces of the curriculum, please contact Cynthia Muhar, at 414-256-4670 or cynthia.muhar@ces.uwex.edu  


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