Meet Our 2017 FoodWIse Team

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We are excited to introduce you to our 2017 FoodWIse team.  If you are interested in classes or have any further questions please feel free to contact our Program Administrator via email.  She can be reached at

Meggie Casey, Nutrition Educator

Hi, I’m Margaret (Meggie) Casey. I’m excited to graduate from MATCs Dietetic Technician program May 10th!  I’m finishing up my final two weeks of internship at Elmbrook Public Schools in the food service department.  I currently hold ServSafe, Food Protection Manager Certification.  Last summer I was a Nutrition Educator in Washington County, so I have seen the important role UWEX plays in the community.  I’m currently the head coach of Girls on the Run at Lincoln Elementary here in Wauwatosa.  Beyond running, I love the life skills girls are taught to build positive relationships with their peers, adults, and in the community.  I’m passionate about community education and can’t wait to join your team!


Oscar Hernandez, Nutrition Educator

My name is Oscar Hernandez and I’m excited to be part of the team. I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree and now I’m working on a Master’s in Educational Psychology. I love to read, workout, participate in community groups, and practice mixed martial arts. I’ve been a vegan for multiple months now and I plan on sticking to this diet and lifestyle. I like to learn new vegan recipes and try them out myself. I like learning languages; besides English, I speak Spanish, Portuguese and some French.

Denise Clark, Nutrition Educator


Hello, my name is Denise Clark and I have recently been hired as a Nutrition Educator in Milwaukee County. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I have been working as a Nutrition Educator for UW Extension in Racine and Kenosha counties for the past 5 years. My experience has been working with children, parents, and older adults in a variety of settings including, community centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, and elementary schools. In my exploration of continuing education, I am still searching to find M&Ms in one of the food groups on My Plate!

Doris Jones, Nutrition Educator


I’m Doris Jones, the newly hired Nutrition Educator! I have worked in the field of education for the past twelve years, working with pre-schoolers to middle-schoolers. During this time, I was fortunate to meet hundreds of families, and build lasting relationships. I’m passionate about families and always looking to help them achieve their greatest potential in all areas of their lives. A couple of years ago, I started a backyard garden through the Victory Garden Initiative Program. Along with a mentor in the first year, I grew herbs, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and new this year; I’m growing watermelon (so far it’s the size of a D battery!) I’m very excited to start on this journey with UW-Extension.

Kathryn Cieszki, Nutrition Educator


Kathryn Cieszki started teaching with WNEP (now FoodWIse) in August 1999. Her main responsibilities are working with families and caregivers of young children.




Juanita Jara, Nutrition Educator


My name is Juanita Jara, I am a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Educator for FoodWIse.  I have been with Extension for 15 years. I work with both the SNAP-ED and EFNEP Programs, teaching at Schools, Senior Centers and also Adult Groups Sites.



Shannon Nettesheim, Office Operations Assistant


Hello, my name is Shannon Nettesheim and I am the new Office Operations Assistant. I have previously worked with Milwaukee Center for Independence for the last five years with the IRIS (iLife) program.  I am thrilled to start my journey with FoodWIse and learn more about nutrition while helping others in our community.


Jill VanAirsdale, Teaching Coordinator

Jill VanAirsdale is our Teaching Coordinator and has been with Extension since August 2015. She has worked with Milwaukee parents and youth for the last 7 years as a teacher and family advocate at Next Door, a Head Start Program in Milwaukee County. Prior to that, she was a home visitor and teacher for CAP Services, Head Start in Waupaca County for 8 years. She feels it is not only important to teach nutrition, it is even more important to “live” what she teaches.



Francie Dekker, FoodWIse Program Administrator


Francie Dekker is the FoodWIse Program Administrator for Milwaukee County. In her role, Francie leads Milwaukee’s team of community nutrition educators in teaching limited resource families how to choose healthful diets, purchase and prepare nutritious food, and become more food secure by spending their food dollars wisely while simultaneously working to address lack of access to nutritious food in communities by partnering with local food pantries, schools, farmers markets and community gardens. Before joining UW-Extension in February 2016, Francie spent four years as the Education Coordinator at Wellspring and NuGenesis Organic Farms. She is also a contributing writer for Edible Milwaukee and Madison Magazines where she writes about the intersection of local food, gardening and healthy communities.


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