Success Stories from the Classroom


Our educators strive to bring samples of fruit and veggies that may be different from what students have eaten before.  They do this with the hope of broadening their audiences palate while providing ideas for healthier meal options going forward.

Doris shares a November classroom experience below:

“On a sunny Milwaukee day while visiting Barack Obama school on the city’s northwest side, I had the pleasure of speaking to an engaged class of 3rd grade students.  As I pondered my decision to bring cranberries as a fruit sample on November 10th, to my great surprise they were an instant hit, thirty students tried them, all for the first time, twenty-six said they would ask to have them at home.  The students could not get enough of the cranberries, they wanted to know more about them and where they could buy them. When I returned on November 17th, they were so excited to tell me, they were served raw cranberries at school the day after my initial visit, and they all loved them.”

Jill shares an October classroom story:

“While in class, one of my participants stated that since she has started taking the Eating Smart Being Active, it had made her look at everything differently and has changed many of her previous eating habits. For instance, she has switched from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt due to the increased amount of protein. She also has experimented with sneaking veggies like cauliflower into several dishes in order to increase her family’s consumption of veggies.”


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